Former Chief Science Officer of Cognitive Computing at IBM and Current Chief Technology Officer of Viome, Guruduth Banavar, Joins Rumble Advisory Board


TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Rumble announced today that Guruduth Banavar, the former IBM Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Cognitive Computing at IBM and current Chief Technology Officer of Viome is joining the company’s advisory board. With more than 20 years of experience in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and a range of advanced technologies, Mr. Banavar will use his expertise to mentor Rumble’s technology team to scale the company’s machine learning and AI capabilities across its video platform.

“Guru brings a unique blend of experience that will be valuable for Rumble’s growth. Not only does he have a proven track record of developing and growing AI technologies and solutions with IBM’s Watson, but he is also experienced in applying advanced technologies to solve tough business problems,” said Chris Pavlovski, founder and chief executive officer of Rumble. “Rumble is growing at an extremely rapid pace and Guru’s expertise and mentorship of our technology team will help to propel Rumble’s proprietary video technology to the next level.”

During Mr. Banavar’s 21-year career at IBM, he led the Cognitive Computing group, where he directed business strategy and a worldwide team responsible for creating a range of Watson AI technologies and solutions. As Chief Science Officer of Cognitive Computing, he was responsible for advancing IBM’s scientific ecosystem with leading institutions like MIT, RPI, and UIUC. Mr. Banavar also held the role of CTO for IBM’s Smarter Cities initiative for almost four years, leading global strategic engagements to improve public safety, transportation and other city services to make cities more livable and sustainable. Mr. Banavar currently is CTO of Viome, the first company to offer wellness as a service by applying AI to complex biological data to provide personalized recommendations for healthy living.

“Rumble is making tremendous strides in video rights management, which will be crucial for the future of video analysis and artificial intelligence,” said Mr. Banavar. “I’m excited to be joining the Rumble advisory board at such a pivotal time, and look forward to mentoring the Rumble technology team to drive the next phase of Rumble’s growth by using advanced machine learning with licensed social videos.”

Mr. Banavar received a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Utah. He has published more than 50 research papers and co-invented more than 25 patents. Mr. Banavar’s work has been profiled in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and other international media. He is an elected member of the IBM Academy of Technology, has spoken on the Nobel, Aspen, and Milken stages, and gave the 2017 Turing Lecture.

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Rumble Now Allows Users to Delete Comments from Their Videos

Due to popular demand, we have added a new feature to allow users to delete comments made on their videos. Like our community boards, Rumble has never moderated or removed user’s comments unless they violated our community standards. Rumble will always continue to encourage free speech and active discussion on our platform between our community of creators and viewers.

We suggest our creators use this new functionality to maintain their comment section clear from spam. The Rumble development team has recently implementing several anti-spam measures, however some spam comments slip through our security filters. While we continue our efforts to combat spam, we want to extend this control to our creators as well.

We love our Rumble community and a big part of it comes from knowing that everyone has a right to express their opinion. We hope our community doesn’t use this function to remove other Rumble user’s opinions that may differ from their own. Not only does active discussion build our community, but it encourages virality and distribution of the video itself.

The Rumble team is here to listen, please feel free to continue reporting any spam to our support team at If you have any ideas for improving the Rumble experience, we hope to hear from you as well!

Rumble Sues the Daily Mail for Widespread Copyright Infringement

Today, Rumble filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court, Central District of California, against The Daily Mail and Mail Online for infringement of copyrighted videos for which Rumble is the exclusive licensee. We tried to resolve the issue directly with The Daily Mail, but were not successful. Therefore, we have decided that the only viable avenue left was this legal action.

Here at Rumble, we pride ourselves in bringing value to creators. That is why our Rumble platform was created – to extend your audience reach to publishers and brands that will generate significant advertising revenue.  Many of our creators are receiving royalties in the 5 and 6-figures annually, so we know that copyright infringement can have an impact on your bottom line as well as ours. That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to fight this battle.

Just know that we are taking this matter seriously and are dedicated to helping our creators receive proper credit and compensation for any content that is used.

If you are a Rumble creator and you believe your video has been infringed, please email us at so we can investigate. If you are not a Rumble creator and would like to protect your content in the future, please create an account and have Rumble manage your content through our platform.

For further discussion on all topics surrounding Rumble, please visit our community forums:


For creator support:
For media inquiries:


Rumble Enables Video Privatization Through Domain Whitelists or Blacklists


Today Rumble proudly launched a new feature so creators can have more control over their distribution. This new DRM (digital rights management) feature allows video creators to blacklist or whitelist specific websites, including from displaying their videos.

In order to take advantage of the new feature, a creator must create a channel and place specific video content in that channel. Once the channel is created, the creator can add a whitelist or blacklist restriction to their channel. All the videos contained within that channel will now have the applicable restriction on that group of videos.

“Transparency and control are very important elements when trying to drive value to creators” says Chris Pavlovski, CEO of Rumble. “Adding these privatization controls takes us a step closer in delivering the most powerful video platform for creators of all types.”

Rumble currently has over 55,000 active creators on their platform, mostly comprising of social video creators that are filming interesting moments at home, but also includes larger creators like America’s Funniest Home Videos, Reuters, and Storyful. The new feature will be of major importance to long-form creators or subscription based websites that only want to have their content displayed on a single domain or behind a paywall.

To access your Restriction Manager: Your Channels >  Select Restrictions >  Select from “No restriction”, “BLackList” & “Whitelist”.

With this new tool, Rumble is giving creators an even tighter oversight over their content allowing them to control exactly where their videos can or can’t be shown.


–  Mario

Rumble Launches Video Embeds for Reddit with No Ads

Hello Rumblers,

Today Rumble proudly announces that we are launching direct video embeds for through Embedly. Additionally, Rumble will provide a superior viewing experience for the Reddit community by disabling all advertisements on the Reddit embeds.

“We put a lot of emphasis on user experience, so performance is very important to us. We optimize everything from the player being rendered in the browser to the infrastructure delivering it to the user” states the CTO, Wojtek Hlibowicki. “Our player is usable even before everything is fully loaded. For instance, our user interface loads separately and seamlessly hooks into the player. In the end, the Rumble player appears to be loaded as if it was part of the content on the page.”

Starting today, not only can you can use Embedly to easily embed Rumble videos on your site, but you can also share your Rumble video links directly on Reddit and the video will play within the Reddit website. Through Embedly, this also enables direct embeds on other websites such as and many more.

With Rumble’s increasingly large portfolio of exclusively managed social video, the Rumble creator community can now easily access the Reddit audience in a way that provides transparent tracking of their videos. Additionally, Reddit has more than 50 thousand active communities and over 8 billion pageviews a month, giving Rumble creators a great way to leverage a largely untapped platform with a massive audience.

Let’s get Reddit ready to Rumble!


New Australia Server Announced

Hello Rumblers,

We are very happy to announce that a new local server in Australia has been launched. We know Rumble has a lot of passionate viewers, creators and publishers in the Oceania Region and we worked hard to ensure that we provide the best Rumble experience to this region of the world. This new infrastructure will provide a faster and smoother site experience to our Rumblers in Australia and surrounding regions.

We’re continually working on improving the Rumble experience for all our users globally and are currently working on adding more local servers around the world. Stay tuned for future launches! We hope our Rumble community is as excited about this launch as we are!


We’re Here to Help

Hello Rumble community,

We’re excited to introduce our newest member of the Rumble team, Mario! As our customer support specialist, Mario will be providing customer support to the Rumble community via live chat, support email and forums.

We have partnered up with Olark to provide live chat support during weekdays from 9AM to 5PM EST. Additionally we will be aiming to answer all support e-mail inquiries within 24 hours. You can find the live chat/email functionality in the bottom right hand corner of your screen on account and video upload pages. To activate the live chat, please click the following icon:

Mario is currently working towards building a comprehensive Rumble FAQ page to provide more information to the Rumble community. We’re always open to questions from the community, so keep them coming via live chat or through our support email!

Please join us in welcoming Mario to the ever growing Rumble community. Our customer support team is here to help solve any inquiries you may have. We look forward to hearing from you through the Rumble live chat, or through the community forums.

Let’s keep making Rumble the best video platform on the internet.

Video Search Improvements, New Design, Custom Video Feeds & Leaderboards

video search

Rumble launches new video search, new design, custom video feeds and creator leaderboards.

First off, Happy New Year to all Rumble’rs. The year of 2016 saw the fastest growth we’ve ever experienced. Rumble cracked into the top 250 websites, as ranked by Quantcast and Alexa. None of this was possible without the help of our creator and publisher community. As we strive to become THEE video platform for everyone, our mission will continue to “bring the most value to video”. 

In our efforts to be the best video platform, Rumble has launched and revamped major components to start the New Year.  Here’s what we did…

Video Search Improvements

Users can now toggle a drop down in the search bar to search for content by video title or by channels/users. Searching by video will populate all videos related to the keywords entered in the search box. Searching by user and channel is a new feature we have added to allow users to browse for specific content creators.

We also made some optimizations to our search engine to improve our results accuracy. Our aim is to continuously improve Rumble user’s browsing experience. We believe our updates will allow users to spend less time looking for relevant content.

A New Design

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Rumble homepage and new design. The streamlined layout has been designed to encourage discovery of new content and engagement with our community of creators.

Custom Video Feeds

The homepage has been re-designed to display only two video feed sections instead of three. For users with active accounts, their homepage will display “Latest social videos based on your subscriptions” and “Editor Picks”. Videos displayed will be generated based on relevant video content based on your subscribed channels.

User’s who aren’t logged in or haven’t created a Rumble account will have access to “trending social viral videos” and “editor picks”. We made this update to better target relevant content of interest to users. All Rumble users will still be able to access other feeds through the navigation menu.

The updated video feed layout will also display more details and provide higher visibility to creators and channels of the videos.



We’ve added a leaderboard to display channels with the most subscribers and the most views. Our top content creators will be displayed here where user’s can click through to view their videos or subscribe to their channels. In the near future we will be expanding these leaderboards to show more detail.




If you would like to discuss these updates, please visit Rumble’s community forums.


NEW TOOLS: New Rejection Process, Embed with Start/Stop Times, and Share Velocity

Our team is always looking to continually improve our tools and features to enhance your Rumble experience. We are pleased to announce the release of the following features.

Update To Our Video Rejection Process

Our trained content discovery team is always looking to license the best videos with viral potential. Unfortunately, sometimes we’re unable to accept a video for a number of different reasons. Over the course of the the last few years users have reached out to our team requesting reasons why their video was rejected.

At Rumble we believe in providing complete transparency with our creators, so we’ve built in a new functionality in your video dashboard. When you go to your video status pages you’ll notice a Rejection button in the bottom right corner of rejected video. When you hover over this button the reason for rejection should appear in a lightbox. If you believe the reason for rejection is not valid, please free feel to contact our team and we would be more than happy to revisit your video.

Embedding Videos with Start and End Times

We’ve added the ability to embed videos with specific start and end times. This will allow you to embed a customized clipped section of the video on your own webpage.

First thing you have to do is to decide the start and end time parameters for your chosen video.After viewing the video and determining the start and end times you will have to convert the minute formatting into seconds.

For example: Start time 1:10 and end time of 2:58 will mean the parameters are at the 70 and 178 second marks.

Next, click the embed button on the video you wish to embed. This will open the following embed lightbox. Create your line of code by using the following script to the end of the source link: “?start=[start]&end=[end]”. Replace[start] and [end] with your calculating parameters. Example: start=[70]&end=[178] If you want to specify a starting time and no end time, simply omit the end parameter.

Finally, copy the entire script to grab your customized embed code and you’re ready to embed the video onto your page.

Share Velocity

You may have noticed a new “Sort By” option labelled “Virality”, accompanied with a percentage mark. The virality of a video is a new measurement we’re adding to Rumble to allow both users and our team to analyze a video’s Facebook click to share ratio. The higher the virality percentage, the more shares to clicks the video is getting through Facebook. This helps us analyze performance factors of your video such as reach and engagement.
Once again, we thank you for being a part of the Rumble community and we look forward to continuing to improve our service. Hope to see you Rumbling 🙂

Rumble Signs Deal with Studio71 to Bring Content from Over 100 YouTube Stars to the Video Platform

Studio71 partners with Rumble.comToday, Rumble, one of the world’s fastest-growing open video platforms, announced a deal with Studio71, the digital entertainment company and multichannel network of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group, to bring new content to the Rumble platform. The deal brings content from over 100 top YouTube creators to Rumble’s full-stack video platform. Studio71’s roster of creators includes Epic Meal Time (7M subscribers), Matthew Santoro (5.4M subscribers), Kathleen Lights (2.2M subscribers), and The Dude Sons (2.3M subscribers).

“Rumble is a creator-centric platform, and our main goal has always been to help video creators increase distribution and monetize their videos,” said Chris Pavlovski, CEO, Rumble. “This content deal with Studio71 shows that creators want to go beyond the YouTube ecosystem and find additional audiences – and additional revenue streams – for their video content.”

Rumble allows video creators to host, share, monetize and distribute their video content from one centralized account. YouTube creators that bring their audience to Rumble typically earn up to five times more per view, and the platform gives them additional ways to monetize their views on publisher sites using a customized Rumble video player. The addition of content from over 100 new channels to Rumble’s platform also creates new revenue streams for publishers, who can embed Rumble’s player on their own blogs, websites, and social channels.

“We work with the world’s best talent at Studio71, and we will continue to partner with leading platforms to distribute premium content to their audiences around the world,” said Adam Boorstin, EVP of Global Digital Distribution, Studio71. “We’re looking forward to working with Rumble to allow our creators to continue building on the success they have achieved so far,” added Sean Kilbane, Director of Global Digital Distribution, Studio71.

Rumble has experienced exponential growth since 2015, and entered comScore’s top 100 content video ranking in February for the first time, jumping from #47 to #41 in March. Based on comScore’s numbers, in the U.S., Rumble’s platform generated 9.767M unique viewers alone on mobile and desktop. In addition to surpassing BuzzFeed by nearly 500,000 visitors, Rumble also outranked Amazon and Vox Media. Studio71 has also experienced explosive growth, and its creators currently generate 5 billion views per month, up from 1.2 billion monthly a year ago.

Rumble’s creator-centric platform has enabled more than 23,000 amateur video creators, media companies, and celebrities to distribute and monetize their social videos. In 2015 alone, creators generated over 74 million views on and 1 billion views across all platforms.

To learn more about Rumble, visit

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About Rumble is where video creators can host, share, create channels, monetize, and distribute their content across the Internet and television from a single centralized video platform. For publishers, newsrooms and brands, Rumble helps to identify, source, validate and acquire licenses to the most important social videos on the web. The company boasts an army of more than 23,000 video creators that currently contribute to more than 250M streams per month.