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Refer a Friend & Get 5% of their Earnings

refer a friend to rumble

As we continue to provide new features for Rumble, we thought this would be a particularly awesome feature. Although we’ve been long and hard working on a new upload, monetization and tagging system, we’ve completed our referral program. After careful thought, we decided to offer a whopping 5% on all referred users to Rumble. This is an industry first for video and an unprecedented amount. Let me break this down…

  1. You a refer a friend to Rumble using the referral link provided in your Profile  (PROFILE -> REFFERALS).
  2. The user you referred earns $10,000 with Rumble.
  3. You will make $500 just for referring him/her to join Rumble.

It’s pretty simple, if you know good content creators, send them to Rumble and make a living doing so! We had a few users (and even employees) that said if we put referral rates at 5% they’d make this their day job recruiting channels and creators… we would LOVE to see that 🙂


The referral will be reduced to 5%  from 10% starting March 15th, 2016.