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Rumble Launches Social Video Tagging

By popular demand, we have decided to revamp the tagging technology on Going forward, users will have the ability to determine the tags for videos by crowd sourcing. Let me walk through how you can do this…

tagsIn order to submit a TAG, enter the TAG you feel is most relevant to the video you are watching. There will be suggestions that you can quickly add and there will also be previous tags that you can up-vote. The more up-votes or repeated tags, the more authority that tag will have on each video.

IMPORTANT: The more relevant tags you contribute, the better impact it will have on Rumble Rank and the authority of your account. Abusive or irrelevant tags by users, will have a negative impact on the person who makes the tags (not on the video, this makes sure people can’t manipulate other videos). So trying to game the system, will actually be of detriment to your own account. Don’t do it.

What is Rumble Rank?

Rumble Rank is a technology that determines the virality and value of a video within a respective category. A simple way to look at Rumble Rank, is to look at it like Google’s Page Rank. The Rumble Rank sorts through thousands of videos and discovers the best ones, just like Page Rank discovers the best web pages in search.

Rumble Rank scores are determined by over 200 different factors, including by not limited to; examining the actual video; examining past and present behaviour of a user; and examining how videos perform across rumble and 3rd party websites. Let me get a little more granular by including a few examples…

The Video

Certain types of videos tend to perform better than others, though there is always exceptions to these rules. For instance:

  1. A blurry video is going to perform worse than a similar crisp and clear video.
  2. A portrait video with giant black side bars will perform worse than a similar video that utilizes the full space of most screens.
  3. Even a loud and obnoxious video tends to perform worse than a similar video you can clearly hear.
  4. A video that is being widely shared by the news, friends, twitter, etc.

The User

We analyze a user’s behavior in many ways. First off, I want to be clear that we never penalize a user for trying too hard. A user can upload 100’s of videos, where only one might go viral (this is normal). Some methods on gauging users are as follows, but certainly not limited to the below.

  1. The longer you have continued success with Rumble, the more authoritative of a user our Rumble Rank will make you.
  2. If you are contributing lots of a sports videos, our Rumble Rank will recognize you as an authoritative user for Sports. So when you are start tagging and sharing videos within sports, Rumble Rank will listen a little closer J

Rumble Rank is a complicated algorithm, which looks at over 200 different metrics across different aspects of a video. The above is a small sample of the data we actually look at. My best advice for creators? Create a video that people want to watch, and Rumble Rank will do the rest 🙂

The meaning of ‘Rumbling’

Hey everyone, Wojtek here from Rumble. Many people were inquiring, so I felt I should provide a little explanation on what “Rumbling” means on your Pending Videos page.

After uploading and selecting your licensing option, videos get placed into a queue. In this queue an automated technology dubbed ‘Rumble Rank’ makes a decision on the value and virality of the content you uploaded, and if our Rumble Rank ‘likes’ the content, it will be sent to our newsroom for a final decision and audit. If for any reason Rumble Rank and/or editors are not certain (possibly due to not enough data) but they see potential value in your content,it will get placed into a separate queue called ‘Rumbling’. At this point your chances are pretty good that it will get purchased/approved, but still not certain. Most people can expect a reply within two weeks while rumbling, in some cases this can take longer.

Some tips to help get your video noticed, or noticed faster:

  1. Film in landscape mode (hold your phone sideways)
  2. Upload the highest quality video you can.
  3. Cut any lead up / part of the clip that is not needed.
  4. Tell your friends to watch your clip on Rumble

I hope that helps. Feel free to leave comments and questions below, and maybe on my next post I’ll address it 🙂