Customer Service is a Must

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Today our world is increasingly becoming more competitive. With Goliath’s like YouTube, and content curators like Storyful, one of Rumble’s main focuses for 2014 is providing a solid customer service solution. On our road to becoming the best video platform and best video curator, we can’t do it without having top notch support.

Unfortunately businesses in the 21st century have really leaned towards automation and technology. Our vision at Rumble includes automation and technology, but we refuse to let go of 1 on 1 customer support. We feel that 1 on 1 support will be a pillar to our success.

Today Rumble is extremely happy to announce online chat support every weekday during business hours from 10AM to 5PM Eastern Time. Our support team will be happy to try and solve any problems you incur on Rumble and we will do our best to answer your questions with clarity and success. You can find the live chat boxes by going to your Profile or Stats page on the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Happy rumbling!

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7 thoughts on “Customer Service is a Must

  1. I just signed up and tried commenting on a video and if forces me to use my Facebook identity to comment even though I did not login via Facebook. I specifically created an account so that I would not have to use my facebook name. If this is the way the site works I will not be coming back.

    BTW: I can’t find a “Contact Us’ link anywhere, which I why I’m resorting to posting here.

    1. We are looking at the possibility of building our own comments system. This looks like a feature we may have to introduce based on user feedback.

      1. Rumble claims that they want to have the best, 1-on-1, customer service possible. With all due respect, how do you propose to do that when you don’t even have a “Contact Us” link?

        A “Contact Us” link is NOT something that “you may have to introduce based on user feedback.” It’s a feature that should have been automatically made available without a customer having to “ask” for it.

        1. When you log into your account, click on PROFILE, there is a live chat support button on the bottom right side. If its a weekend or off hours, it will say “Leave a message”. I hope that helps.

  2. I am unable to complete the upload video in rumble, the error is my video gets uploaded in rumble but i am unable to submit it.

  3. I am unable to hear sound from any video because the “unmute” feature does not work. I was at this site approximately 3 months ago, and I could not “unmute” any videos then, either.

    I’ve never had this problem before on ANY video sharing site.

    Can you help?

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