Reserve Your Name & Create Channels

As promised, we have finally completed the development of user channel creation. As a user on Rumble, you will now have the ability to build subscribers to your channel and control your content and audience in a much easier way.

Although we can’t license and distribute every video being uploaded, we believed adding the ability to create channels was a necessary part of our evolution. The next major development program for Rumble will be introducing our ad controls, so that you can properly monetize your channels. If we can’t help in distribution or syndication for you, we at least believe you should have absolute control over audience and monetization. Stick with us, and it will pay off in the long run 🙂

Now let me explain how you can create your channels on Rumble.

channel creation on rumble

Once you fill out all your details on the CREATE CHANNEL page, click SAVE and your channel will be created. In order to add content to your channel, just go to YOUR CHANNELS on the left menu, find the channel you want and select the ADD button. It will take you to a page that lists all your videos, just click on the thumbnail to add that video to your channel, and voila!


Your channel will look like this:


Now for the really good part. Once your channel receives 10 subscribers, you can navigate to YOUR CHANNELS and a secret button will appear called RESERVE. Click on that and reserve your ! This is limited real estate, so you’ll need to build your channel and get your channel name as fast as possible. As we grow, this subscriber threshold will increase, so the early adopters and fans are going to be able to reserve names a lot easier than the future followers 🙂

Co-Founders of Vimeo, CollegeHumor & Plurk Join Rumble’s Advisory Board

Hello fellow Rumble’rs! All while we have been fixing annoying bugs and trying to bring awesome features, we have quietly been trying to assemble a team of brilliant and experienced minds that will help give YouTube a run for their money. Let me explain…

Before the existence of Rumble, our team was working on Jokeroo since 2001, the days when video lived mostly on sites like CollegeHumor and EbaumsWorld. Our community was tightly knit and we all knew each other fairly well, I even remember visiting the CollegeHumor offices over 10 years ago! But the guys at CollegeHumor didn’t stop there, they kept pushing and created YouTube’s only real threat, Vimeo. After introducing Rumble in 2013, it only made sense to reach out to one of the most knowledgeable people I knew in video, Josh Abramson. It didn’t take long for Josh, the co-founder of Vimeo, CollegeHumor and BustedTees to recognize the value we are trying to provide users.

At the same time, we were speaking to another industry friend, Kan Singh, who co-founded and Zippy Videos. Let me put this in perspective; Zippy Videos was a top 100 video uploading site before YouTube existed. Yup, you heard that right, before YouTube. Unfortunately, bandwidth bills were outrageous and they had to shut down, while YouTube received funding and continued to grow.

Our entire team at Rumble has thought long and hard on how to take on video. We watched YouTube crush Zippy Videos before 2005, we watched sites like CollegeHumor and Jokeroo pivot to create its own niche. We even watched Vimeo pose a really serious threat. But in 2014, all those minds have finally come together. We at Rumble are so happy to announce that both Josh and Kan have decided to join Rumble’s advisory board. With their help and their direction, we will push to become a YouTube alternative for video creators and the best social video news provider for all of our publishing partners. We feel strongly that we are ready to take it on.

As Michael Buffer says, let’s get ready to Rumble!!!!!

Understanding our Profit Sharing Option

Understanding profit sharing on

Lots of creators have been asking how profit sharing works. It’s an excellent question and I want to take the time to personally address it.

When selecting profit share, you are asking Rumble to exclusively represent your video and help promote it to as many broadcasters, portals and internet sites on the web. The more we promote and license this video, the more popular and money will be made. If you have a hot video, this is by far the best option for you.

What is profit sharing?

For every dollar we earn on your video, we will pay you 60%. IF we earn $1 in profit, we will owe you 60 cents. We are providing you with the lions share of profit and will always do so. We have partnerships with over 10 major media publications, which include companies like Yahoo, Microsoft and many more. Although we can’t guarantee placement, we will definitely do our best in giving your video maximum exposure for maximum revenue generation.

Why exclusive?

First off, when selling your video to major portals, websites or TV, signing multiple agreements with multiple parties will work against you. For example, imagine you give the rights to Company A and Company B, and they offer the same service. This will only lower the value of your video and result in lower revenues. Major publishers will always work with the company offering the better deal. In conclusion, you want your rights management to be exclusive so there is no competition in pricing between Company A and Company B.

What percentage do you get?

Sixty percent (60%). You will receive a whopping 60% on all profits made on the video, for life.

When do you get paid?

This is the part that will make you cringe. Unfortunately we do not receive reports from our partners for up to 3 months at a time, so there is a delay in seeing video performance. Never the less, if this bothers you, you can always choose the upfront cash option. If you can handle the wait for some extra money, it will be well worth it 🙂 Expect at least 3 to 4 months for your account balance on Rumble to reflect these earnings. Every February, May, August and November are the expected reporting months for profit sharing. As we grow, we will try to make an exact date for this to happen.

I’m sure there are more questions by our users. I will be happy to update this post and address any questions made in our comments. Feel free to ask away or talk directly to our live support during business hours.

Customer Service is a Must

live support

Today our world is increasingly becoming more competitive. With Goliath’s like YouTube, and content curators like Storyful, one of Rumble’s main focuses for 2014 is providing a solid customer service solution. On our road to becoming the best video platform and best video curator, we can’t do it without having top notch support.

Unfortunately businesses in the 21st century have really leaned towards automation and technology. Our vision at Rumble includes automation and technology, but we refuse to let go of 1 on 1 customer support. We feel that 1 on 1 support will be a pillar to our success.

Today Rumble is extremely happy to announce online chat support every weekday during business hours from 10AM to 5PM Eastern Time. Our support team will be happy to try and solve any problems you incur on Rumble and we will do our best to answer your questions with clarity and success. You can find the live chat boxes by going to your Profile or Stats page on the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Happy rumbling!

Introducing Weekly Payouts at Rumble

Weekly Payouts on Rumble

After receiving feedback over the last 60 days, we have decided to ramp up our payout frequencies. We are now moving Rumble to a weekly payout schedule, every Friday as long as you make a withdrawal request in the previous week. Let me explain with further clarity inflatable sumo suits.

Example 1:

  1. You make a withdrawal request of $100 on Tuesday.
  2. You will be paid on the following Friday, 10 days later.

Example 2:

  1. You make a withdrawal request of $100 on Friday.
  2. You will be paid on the following Friday, 7 days later

If the Friday lands on a holiday in Canada, the payout will be issued on the following business day. It is very important to note that you MUST make a withdrawal request. If you fail to do so, you will not receive payment and your balance will accumulate. The minimum payout threshold will stay at $50.

Be sure to check your account:

Additional payout restrictions:

  • You must have sold at least one piece of content in the last 12 monthsxiao cheng
  • You must be able to accept Paypal or Check


Rumble Updates Windows 8.1 App

Windows 8.1 Screenshot of Rumble Video

Over the holidays, a part of our Rumble team was hard at work! They managed to push live the latest version of our Windows 8 desktop application. If you are using your surface, desktop or any windows tablet, you will definitely like what our latest update has too offer.

In addition to fixing bugs, the rumble team created a new user interface, added new categories of video content, and streamlined the uploading process. Most importantly, the tweak to the user interface was the most important update in our 4th version of our Windows application. You’ll notice the design uses  the universal elements seen on our website, and maintains the full overall look and feel of rumble. We also made sure the upload process mimicked the web version, creating less confusion for all of our video creators.

In addition, we want to give a big thanks to the folks at Microsoft for helping us in the development process of this application. Their team really helped us get this app through the door and out to all of our Windows users.

You can download or update the Rumble Video desktop app here: