Rumble Sues the Daily Mail for Widespread Copyright Infringement

Today, Rumble filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court, Central District of California, against The Daily Mail and Mail Online for infringement of copyrighted videos for which Rumble is the exclusive licensee. We tried to resolve the issue directly with The Daily Mail, but were not successful. Therefore, we have decided that the only viable avenue left was this legal action.

Here at Rumble, we pride ourselves in bringing value to creators. That is why our Rumble platform was created – to extend your audience reach to publishers and brands that will generate significant advertising revenue.  Many of our creators are receiving royalties in the 5 and 6-figures annually, so we know that copyright infringement can have an impact on your bottom line as well as ours. That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to fight this battle.

Just know that we are taking this matter seriously and are dedicated to helping our creators receive proper credit and compensation for any content that is used.

If you are a Rumble creator and you believe your video has been infringed, please email us at so we can investigate. If you are not a Rumble creator and would like to protect your content in the future, please create an account and have Rumble manage your content through our platform.

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One thought on “Rumble Sues the Daily Mail for Widespread Copyright Infringement

  1. I have had my content stolen by them and uploaded to their monetized video player. I managed to get them to pay up in my case. But they
    steal a LOT of content, turn content into animated GIFs, and do almost nothing to credit the creator. Some people might think “hey, you should THANK them for the publicity!” But you get NOTHING out of it. People don’t subscribe to your channel and you get nothing in earnings.

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