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Video Search Improvements, New Design, Custom Video Feeds & Leaderboards

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Rumble launches new video search, new design, custom video feeds and creator leaderboards.

First off, Happy New Year to all Rumble’rs. The year of 2016 saw the fastest growth we’ve ever experienced. Rumble cracked into the top 250 websites, as ranked by Quantcast and Alexa. None of this was possible without the help of our creator and publisher community. As we strive to become THEE video platform for everyone, our mission will continue to “bring the most value to video”. 

In our efforts to be the best video platform, Rumble has launched and revamped major components to start the New Year.  Here’s what we did…

Video Search Improvements

Users can now toggle a drop down in the search bar to search for content by video title or by channels/users. Searching by video will populate all videos related to the keywords entered in the search box. Searching by user and channel is a new feature we have added to allow users to browse for specific content creators.

We also made some optimizations to our search engine to improve our results accuracy. Our aim is to continuously improve Rumble user’s browsing experience. We believe our updates will allow users to spend less time looking for relevant content.

A New Design

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Rumble homepage and new design. The streamlined layout has been designed to encourage discovery of new content and engagement with our community of creators.

Custom Video Feeds

The homepage has been re-designed to display only two video feed sections instead of three. For users with active accounts, their homepage will display “Latest social videos based on your subscriptions” and “Editor Picks”. Videos displayed will be generated based on relevant video content based on your subscribed channels.

User’s who aren’t logged in or haven’t created a Rumble account will have access to “trending social viral videos” and “editor picks”. We made this update to better target relevant content of interest to users. All Rumble users will still be able to access other feeds through the navigation menu.

The updated video feed layout will also display more details and provide higher visibility to creators and channels of the videos.



We’ve added a leaderboard to display channels with the most subscribers and the most views. Our top content creators will be displayed here where user’s can click through to view their videos or subscribe to their channels. In the near future we will be expanding these leaderboards to show more detail.




If you would like to discuss these updates, please visit Rumble’s community forums.