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NEW TOOLS: New Rejection Process, Embed with Start/Stop Times, and Share Velocity

Our team is always looking to continually improve our tools and features to enhance your Rumble experience. We are pleased to announce the release of the following features.

Update To Our Video Rejection Process

Our trained content discovery team is always looking to license the best videos with viral potential. Unfortunately, sometimes we’re unable to accept a video for a number of different reasons. Over the course of the the last few years users have reached out to our team requesting reasons why their video was rejected.

At Rumble we believe in providing complete transparency with our creators, so we’ve built in a new functionality in your video dashboard. When you go to your video status pages you’ll notice a Rejection button in the bottom right corner of rejected video. When you hover over this button the reason for rejection should appear in a lightbox. If you believe the reason for rejection is not valid, please free feel to contact our team and we would be more than happy to revisit your video.

Embedding Videos with Start and End Times

We’ve added the ability to embed videos with specific start and end times. This will allow you to embed a customized clipped section of the video on your own webpage.

First thing you have to do is to decide the start and end time parameters for your chosen video.After viewing the video and determining the start and end times you will have to convert the minute formatting into seconds.

For example: Start time 1:10 and end time of 2:58 will mean the parameters are at the 70 and 178 second marks.

Next, click the embed button on the video you wish to embed. This will open the following embed lightbox. Create your line of code by using the following script to the end of the source link: “?start=[start]&end=[end]”. Replace[start] and [end] with your calculating parameters. Example: start=[70]&end=[178] If you want to specify a starting time and no end time, simply omit the end parameter.

Finally, copy the entire script to grab your customized embed code and you’re ready to embed the video onto your page.

Share Velocity

You may have noticed a new “Sort By” option labelled “Virality”, accompanied with a percentage mark. The virality of a video is a new measurement we’re adding to Rumble to allow both users and our team to analyze a video’s Facebook click to share ratio. The higher the virality percentage, the more shares to clicks the video is getting through Facebook. This helps us analyze performance factors of your video such as reach and engagement.
Once again, we thank you for being a part of the Rumble community and we look forward to continuing to improve our service. Hope to see you Rumbling 🙂