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Rumble Sues the Daily Mail for Widespread Copyright Infringement

Today, Rumble filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court, Central District of California, against The Daily Mail and Mail Online for infringement of copyrighted videos for which Rumble is the exclusive licensee. We tried to resolve the issue directly with The Daily Mail, but were not successful. Therefore, we have decided that the only viable avenue left was this legal action.

Here at Rumble, we pride ourselves in bringing value to creators. That is why our Rumble platform was created – to extend your audience reach to publishers and brands that will generate significant advertising revenue.  Many of our creators are receiving royalties in the 5 and 6-figures annually, so we know that copyright infringement can have an impact on your bottom line as well as ours. That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to fight this battle.

Just know that we are taking this matter seriously and are dedicated to helping our creators receive proper credit and compensation for any content that is used.

If you are a Rumble creator and you believe your video has been infringed, please email us at legal@rumble.com so we can investigate. If you are not a Rumble creator and would like to protect your content in the future, please create an account and have Rumble manage your content through our platform.

For further discussion on all topics surrounding Rumble, please visit our community forums: https://community.rumble.com/


For creator support: creators@rumble.com
For media inquiries: rumble@allisonpr.com


We’re Here to Help

Hello Rumble community,

We’re excited to introduce our newest member of the Rumble team, Mario! As our customer support specialist, Mario will be providing customer support to the Rumble community via live chat, support email and forums.

We have partnered up with Olark to provide live chat support during weekdays from 9AM to 5PM EST. Additionally we will be aiming to answer all support e-mail inquiries within 24 hours. You can find the live chat/email functionality in the bottom right hand corner of your screen on account and video upload pages. To activate the live chat, please click the following icon:

Mario is currently working towards building a comprehensive Rumble FAQ page to provide more information to the Rumble community. We’re always open to questions from the community, so keep them coming via live chat or through our support email!

Please join us in welcoming Mario to the ever growing Rumble community. Our customer support team is here to help solve any inquiries you may have. We look forward to hearing from you through the Rumble live chat, support@rumble.com or through the community forums.

Let’s keep making Rumble the best video platform on the internet.

Rumble Ranks #47 on comScore’s Top 100 Content Video Rankings, ahead of Buzzfeed & Amazon

12991068_995869317127585_2521674827484238779_nTORONTO, April 14, 2016  — Today Rumble, one of the world’s fastest-growing video licensing platforms, announced it has ranked #47 on comScore’s top 100 content video ranking for February 2016, reaching more than 8 million unique views on mobile and desktop. Based on comScore’s latest traffic numbers, the full-stack video platform Rumble placed on the top 100 list for the first time, surpassing BuzzFeed and Amazon among others.

“Rumble’s growth has been exponential over the past year, so we’re excited to see that recognized in comScore’s rankings,” said Chris Pavlovski, CEO, Rumble. “We’re focused on building an incredible network using the power of video creators, and it’s clear that the variety in our creators’ content is resonating with a broad audience.”

Based on comScore’s latest numbers, in the United States Rumble’s platform generated 8,603,000 unique viewers in February 2016 alone. In addition to surpassing BuzzFeed by nearly 500,000 visitors, Rumble also outranked Amazon and Vox Media. Rumble’s internal tracking shows over 300 per cent growth from January to February. In February, comScore recorded that Rumble’s unique viewers watched almost five videos each, for a total of almost 66 million minutes of short form content video.

Top creators on Rumble’s platform include America’s Funniest Home Videos, ViralHog and Reuters. Rumble’s creator-centric platform has enabled more than 21,000 amateur video creators, media companies, and celebrities to distribute and monetize their social videos. Creators upload their videos to Rumble, and Rumble makes these videos available to websites for monetization. Videos can also be distributed to over 200 partner sites including high-traffic outlets like Reuters, Yahoo, and NBC. In 2015 alone, creators generated over 74 million views on Rumble.com and 1 billion views across all platforms.

In March Rumble announced a partnership with Getty Images, enabling Getty to license social and viral videos exclusively managed by Rumble. The company is now the largest source of social video for the visual communication platform.

comScore Source: Video Metrix Multi-Platform, US, Feb 2016, Rumble.com Sites, Content Video