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Rumble Launches Social Video Tagging

By popular demand, we have decided to revamp the tagging technology on Rumble.com. Going forward, users will have the ability to determine the tags for videos by crowd sourcing. Let me walk through how you can do this…

tagsIn order to submit a TAG, enter the TAG you feel is most relevant to the video you are watching. There will be suggestions that you can quickly add and there will also be previous tags that you can up-vote. The more up-votes or repeated tags, the more authority that tag will have on each video.

IMPORTANT: The more relevant tags you contribute, the better impact it will have on Rumble Rank and the authority of your account. Abusive or irrelevant tags by users, will have a negative impact on the person who makes the tags (not on the video, this makes sure people can’t manipulate other videos). So trying to game the system, will actually be of detriment to your own account. Don’t do it.