Understanding our Profit Sharing Option

Understanding profit sharing on rumble.com

Lots of creators have been asking how profit sharing works. It’s an excellent question and I want to take the time to personally address it.

When selecting profit share, you are asking Rumble to exclusively represent your video and help promote it to as many broadcasters, portals and internet sites on the web. The more we promote and license this video, the more popular and money will be made. If you have a hot video, this is by far the best option for you.

What is profit sharing?

For every dollar we earn on your video, we will pay you 60%. IF we earn $1 in profit, we will owe you 60 cents. We are providing you with the lions share of profit and will always do so. We have partnerships with over 10 major media publications, which include companies like Yahoo, Microsoft and many more. Although we can’t guarantee placement, we will definitely do our best in giving your video maximum exposure for maximum revenue generation.

Why exclusive?

First off, when selling your video to major portals, websites or TV, signing multiple agreements with multiple parties will work against you. For example, imagine you give the rights to Company A and Company B, and they offer the same service. This will only lower the value of your video and result in lower revenues. Major publishers will always work with the company offering the better deal. In conclusion, you want your rights management to be exclusive so there is no competition in pricing between Company A and Company B.

What percentage do you get?

Sixty percent (60%). You will receive a whopping 60% on all profits made on the video, for life.

When do you get paid?

This is the part that will make you cringe. Unfortunately we do not receive reports from our partners for up to 3 months at a time, so there is a delay in seeing video performance. Never the less, if this bothers you, you can always choose the upfront cash option. If you can handle the wait for some extra money, it will be well worth it 🙂 Expect at least 3 to 4 months for your account balance on Rumble to reflect these earnings. Every February, May, August and November are the expected reporting months for profit sharing. As we grow, we will try to make an exact date for this to happen.

I’m sure there are more questions by our users. I will be happy to update this post and address any questions made in our comments. Feel free to ask away or talk directly to our live support during business hours.

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3 thoughts on “Understanding our Profit Sharing Option

  1. I will join your profit sharing plan for my video “MY DOG TUCK WATCHING TV”. Please keep me posted.


  2. I understand and fully appreciate the long term benefits of “Profit Sharing”.

    I’ve now uploaded 3 videos to Rumble. The first one was approved for Profit Sharing and MY first quarterly distribution was for $192.46. It was a long wait (4-5 months), but it was worth the wait and I’m looking forward to receiving many more quarterly payments. I requested payment and the money showed up in my PayPal account on the day promised (1-2 week turn around should be expected depending on when in the payment cycle you request a payout). The Cash Out procedure was EASY and when I contacted the Support Group with a few questions, they responded quickly and were very helpful. You even get an email notification when the payment is received.

    My 2nd uploaded video was “Rejected”. How dare they reject MY close-up video of an Osprey shredding a fish in a tree. I wish it had been a much bigger fish!

    My 3rd uploaded video “Extreme Drought Conditions Kill Wildlife”, is currently “Rumbling”. That means it’s seriously being considered, probably over a few beers, and if the video selection committee drinks enough, it might actually get picked for Profit Sharing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and please let me know if buying the committee a beer happens to be one of the 200+ determinating factors for Rumble Rank. So far, Rumble has been a very positive experience.

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